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Something we are all guilty of is allowing our toothbrush to get a bit weathered and over used. In fact 70% of us fail to replace our heads every 2 months as recommended by dentists! Well Ordo want to revolutionize the dental hygiene market with their slick online subscription service and streamlined electric toothbrush Ordo pack, which fits precisely and conveniently through your letterbox.

Headed up by Jordan Kennedy and Bartholomew Walsh, the Founders and Creators of Ordo share an unrivalled obsession for impeccable design and service with backgrounds respectively in Marketing, Ecommerce and Architecture. Ordo is the UK’s first oral health subscription service of it’s kind, combining sonic pulse technology, style and functionality.

Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind Ordo was created to eliminate the inconvenience and expense of buying oral care products and to make life easier.
Ordo have created a simple and stylish solution with an contemporary crafted and designed sonic pulse electric toothbrush with replacement heads, toothpaste and batteries delivered to your door every two months. The Ordo toothbrush has been designed for a modern mindset; a seamless ergonomic, slim and lightweight design, travel friendly and stylishly finished with an aluminium anodised handle for complete comfort. Problem solving at its finest, simple! No more chunky brushes, bulky chargers and weathered brush heads. As something we all do for two minutes, twice a day, every day, it can finally be enjoyable and cool, and actually improve our teeth, make them whiter and cleaner, minimising those trips to the dreaded dentist!

The Ordo brush has a two-minute timer with 30 second pulses to change quadrant (one of the four areas of our mouths). It doesn’t need to be charged as it’s powered by a AAA battery which are sent to you every 2 months along with your new head, travel cap, 2-month supply of toothpaste and travel toothpaste, all for £10, including delivery. The plan is totally flexible, and you can cancel anytime. So no more shopping around, bulk buying brush heads or forgetting to buy your oral care products and being battery-operated means there are no messy cables or charging ports. It’s 100% transportable if you’re on the go… at the gym, work or travelling remotely.

Convenience and sustainability are central to the brand, with Ordo you never have to think about changing your toothbrush head again – new heads will be delivered straight to your door every two months as part of their subscription plan alongside new batteries, so you are never without charge. Plus, Ordo have been awarded accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation as their specially formulated toothpaste is Whitening and Sensitive all-in-one, removes stains and reduces sensitivity and if that wasn’t enough is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

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