Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head

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Carefully designed to provide optimum clean for all mouth types, using individually rounded bristles cut to cup and gently clean each tooth. 

Available in our 3 distinct colours 

Rinse your Sonic+ Brush Head before first use and after each use. Dentists recommend you replace your brush head every two to three months, however it's best to replace it when the bristles start to become frayed.

- High quality bristles

- Silicone polishing element

- Individually rounded bristles for a gentle yet effective clean

- Simple click push fit

Orders can take up to 3 working days to arrive from date of order or subscription date, this excludes the day that the order was placed. Refills and consumables are shipped with Royal Mail and our Sonic+ Toothbrushes and Starter Kits are sent with Hermes.

Rounded Bristles

Silicone Polishing Element

Easy Change

Cleans Between Teeth

Brilliant Bristles

After years of research and thousands of brush heads sold, our oral hygiene engineers have developed the ultimate brush head for all mouth types. Slim head for manoeuvrability, alternate bristles heights for a deeper clean and a silicone textured back to massage the inner surfaces of your gums.

X Marks the spot

Ordo's Sonic+ Brush head has a built in silicone-polishing element designed to help whiten your teeth using a gentle polishing action. Use with Ordo's Whitening and Sensitive toothpaste for best results.

Easy Fit

Our brush heads are easily interchangeable with a push-fit design, simply slide off with a pull and attach with a simple “click”!

Customer Reviews

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Toothbrush heads arrived safely after 1 week thanks

Very well done.


The best toothbrush EVER

I am 56 year old smoker. I used quite a few electric toothbrushes in my lifetime. When the last one, diamond clean Philips Sonic stopped working few weeks ago, and my teeth were black without dentists since corona virus started, I was so dishearten that I decided not to spend another almost £300 for the new one. I never heard for Ordo before but reading reviews and price was fine so I went for it without expectations. Boy, did I get value for money? The best £50 spent ever! After a few days all blackness from my teeth has gone. The best toothbrush EVER.

Needs Subscription service and sustainability

No issues with brushes themselves, they are great. My issue is around having to order them every couple of months. A subscription service would improve customer convenience and surely make Ordo more money (as I normally forget to order as often as I should). Also another idea - could you make these more sustainable? Perhaps offer a recycling service or change the materials?


Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head