Simply Better Brushing

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Brushing your teeth is the easiest thing in the world. But we've worked with the world's best dental boffins to make it even easier.

About The Brush

We’ve designed a new electric toothbrush from the ground up to create a better brushing experience. Ordo brings simplicity back to brushing, making a brushing your teeth easier and better.

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Clean Supreme

25,000 super-quick vibrations of the brush head every minute get rid of nasty plaque without hurting your gums. These are known as ‘sonic pulses’.

Love Your Gums

If you’ve got sensitive gums, you can choose a soft-bristle brush head. It goes a little easier on your teeth too. You’ll even get sensitive toothpaste. Aah.

Time It Right

The two-minute timer keeps you on track for a better brush, and pulses every 30 seconds remind you to move to a new part of your mouth.

What Makes Ordo Stand Out?

Let's be honest, no one needs overcomplicated toothbrushes to clean their teeth properly. The Ordo brush is brilliantly under-engineered around one simple rule: optimum oral care.


Better, affordable price

1 mode - You don't need bluetooth connectivity on your toothbrush!

25,000 quick vibrations per minute


Other Brands


Confusing functionality

Expensive replacement brush heads

Bulky design


It's More Than Just An Electric Toothbrush

That's right, when you buy an Ordo Pack you get:

  • Aluminium sonic pulse electric toothbrush with 2-minute timer

  • Travel cap

  • Whitening & Sensitive toothpaste

  • Travel toothpaste

  • Matching portable silicon stand

  • AAA battery

Yes, all that toothy goodness just for £35. Pretty amazing, huh?

How Ordo Works

Pick Your Pack

Pick your brush colour and bristle type when you order.

Get Free Delivery

Your Ordo Pack is delivered free within 48 hours.

Most people don’t replace their toothbrush head for 9 months. By then, the bristles look all withered and sad – definitely in no shape to clean your patients' teeth properly.

We make sure that doesn’t happen, by sending your patients a fresh supply of toothy goodness every 2 months.