Improve The Oral Care of Your Patients

The Ordo Ambassador Program Launching Soon

Let's work together to provide the best oral care to your patients and improve their health. Earn commission and help your patients with us.

About The Brush

Ordo was built to make Oral care simple and give everyone access to good oral hygiene. We offer our customers a better brush at a better price.

Our brush has the more power than comparable products on the market, but at an affordable price.

40,000 Sonic Pulses Per Minute

With the highest vibrations on the market, our sonic pulse technology guarantees a deep clean every time. Beyond just conventional tooth scrubbing, it also creates a secondary cleansing action that helps to disrupt dental plaque beyond where the tips of its bristles actually touch.

Four Bespoke Brushing Modes

Our brushes are designed to be gentle on the gums using a soft bristle, they also have a sensitive mode to help. Aah. We also have a massage mode that can help assist bloodflow in your gums and a whitening one to remove the stains from your teeth!

Lifetime Guarantee

That's right! As long as you're on the Ordo plan, we offer them a lifetime guarantee on the brush. We don't want our customers to worry about replacing their expensive brush every few years because the battery dies.

We make sure you always have a brush as long as you're on the Ordo plan.

Our Ambassador Program

When you become approved as a Ordo ambassador you'll be sure that you're providing your patients with the best oral care products available.

By cutting out the middlemen, we keep our brush at a fair price. Other brands will sell their brush to a distributor who then sells it to a retailer both of which apply a mark up to the product before it reaches the customer! Ordo simplifies this process, going straight to the consumer through the oral care experts in the field.

Earn commission promoting a product and service you believe in!

How The Program Works

Save your patients money by sending straight to you. You are our voice so we can save where others spend. That money goes to you.

Register Interest

Register your interest now and we will send you more information soon!

Try Our Brush

Try the Ordo brush for just £20 (refunded after your first sale).


Share your unique link or code for Ordo with your patients.

Earn Commission

Receive commission as your patients sign up to Ordo.

Commission Breakdown

The Brush

On every brush you earn £7.50 commission

The Refills

Every 6 months (in-line with dental check ups), you earn £5.

Most people don’t replace their toothbrush head for 9 months. By then, the bristles look all withered and sad – definitely in no shape to clean your patients' teeth properly.

We make sure that doesn’t happen, by sending your patients a fresh supply of toothy goodness every 2 months.

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