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Simple, Stylish, Smart.

Brilliantly "under-engineered", the Ordo brush brings simplicity back to oral care helping you focus on what really matters - having a good routine and technique.

How It Works

Get The Starter Pack

Your starter pack includes the Ordo electric toothbrush (including a battery and brush head), a travel sized toothpaste, large toothpaste and a stand. But that's just the beginning of the fun...

Keep Up The Fresh Breath

After your starter pack we'll ship you a refill pack every two months for £10 (only £5 per month to keep your mouth minty fresh). This includes: a replacement brush head, travel toothpaste, large toothpaste and battery.

No Floss Attached

Edit of cancel your subscription at any time! Change your refill plan, adjust shipment schedule or even cancel your plan with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An Oral Care Subscription?

If you're like most people, you aren't replacing your brush head often enough (7/10 of us don't). Dentists recommend that you replace your brush head every 2 months. It doesn't matter if you have the most expensive brush on the market (and trust us, they can get expensive), if your bristle is worn out you won't get as good a clean than if you used a lower priced brush, good technique/routine and ensuring you replace your brush head.

How Is Your Toothbrush Different?

Our "flossophy" at Ordo is based on bringing simplicity back to oral care and help people focus on what matters - technique and routine. This means we don't have any unecessary gadgets or gizmos on our brush like bluetooth connectivty or a GPS tracking. However we do have the important stuff:

  • Power - 25,000 sonic pulses per minute to help clean your teeth.
  • Bristle - We have a soft bristle to ensure the brush is gentle on your gums.
  • Portability - Our brush doesn't have any clunky charging cables to tie you down and a travel toothpaste if your on the go.

How Does The Starter Pack Work?

It's simple. We send you a starter pack including a brush, brush head (with a travel cap), large toothpaste (80ml), travel toothpaste (25ml), a stand and a battery. Oh, and it's free shipping. Then you can get started with your improved oral care routine for a brighter smile.

What Happens After My Starter Pack?

Every two months, we ship you a refill pack with a replacement brush head (and cap), large toothpaste, travel toothpaste and battery. All to keep you on top of your oral care! Really, who would want the hassle of remembering to replace their brush head themselves every two months?

Satisfaction Guarantee

You heard right, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If within the first 30 days you aren't satisfied with our pack or even just change your mind. Ship it back to use and we will give you a full refund.

Is It Easy To Cancel?

You have no commitments and complete control - you can cancel at anytime, for any reason, with just a few clicks in your account. We'd love to see you stay, but don't make it hard to leave.