Ordo Mouthwatering Mint Floss

We've worked alongside dental professionals to create an effective floss that will keep your teeth sparkling clean! 
Infused with sodium fluoride and minty goodness our floss is designed to fight away that stinky plaque and keep your breath fresh.

How To Use

Floss (at least once a day!) before brushing your teeth. Leave your Ordo floss out in a visible place so you don't forget to floss and enjoy the feeling of minty clean teeth.







Gum bliss

Why Ordo

Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, paraben free

Glides over your teeth, swiping the icky plaque and food away, leaving you feeling satisifed.

Heaven for your gums.


Minty oils

Silky smooth microcrystalline wax - glides across your teeth

Anti-cavity fluoride to fight protecst teeth

Say Hello To My Little Floss

Other floss can be rough and if used to vigorously the thread cuts into gums, eek!

Our floss is designed to be soft and seemlessly across your teeth and gums, keeping them truly clean and healthy.

Gum Heaven Guaranteed

Made the highest quality materials available, we're confident you'll absolutely love the Ordo floss!

If not, your floss is on us.

Add It To Your Refill

Never forget to floss again. Add floss to your refill plan and save with Ordo.