Ordo Pack - One Off Purchase

  • Aluminium electric toothbrush
  • Travel cap
  • 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-month supply)
  • 25ml travel toothpaste (two-week supply)
  • Portable silicon stand
  • AAA battery
  • more information

Ordo Pack - One Off Purchase

Contents include:

- Ordo electric toothbrush

- Toothbrush travel cap

- 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-month supply)

- 25ml travel toothpaste (two-week supply)

- Portable toothbrush stand

- AAA battery

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Sonic pulse technology

Ordo brushes use the optimal amount of brush strokes, 25,000 per minute to be exact, to give your teeth and gums the most thorough clean, without any damage.

The perfect bristles

We’ve worked with dental experts and learned that bristles shouldn’t be too hard as they’ll damage the tooth’s enamel and gums, yet can’t be too soft as to not have an effect. Ordo uses high quality DuPont bristles that are individually rounded to form a smooth finish to create a better brushing experience.

Two is the magic number

 It’s highly recommended by dentists to brush for two minutes, twice a day. That’s why we’ve incorporated a two-minute timer in the brush’s mechanism, which pulses every 30 seconds as a reminder to brush another quadrant of your mouth. Clever, eh?

Efficient energy

We’ve removed the clutter most electric toothbrushes are charged by. Simple and efficient, the Ordo brush it’s powered by a single AAA battery with enough power to last you for a minimum of two months, until your refill plan is delivered.

Ordo toothpaste

Our toothpaste is both whitening and sensitive and contains 1400PPM of fluoride which is the recommended dose for adults. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, it’s been proven to repair and strengthen tooth enamel through a process known as remineralisation as well as preventing tooth decay.

“Ordo is transforming the oral healthcare industry by encouraging customer engagement while delivering a host of customer benefits - quality, simplicity and knowledge”


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Ordo Refill Plan

- Ordo brush head
- Travel cap
- AAA battery
- 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste
- 25ml whitening & sensitive travel toothpaste

Delivered every 2 months, for £10
You can cancel or modify your plan anytime