Ordo Portable Starter Pack

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Designed to provide 25,000 sonic pulses per minute with no fuss and no frills - just the fundamental features needed for a great clean.

- Aluminium Handle

- Travel Friendly

- Slim Lightweight Design

- Replaceable Brush Heads

Ordo Portable Starter Pack includes

- Ordo Portable Brush Handle

- Ordo Portable Brush Head with Travel Cap

- Ordo Whitening & Sensitive Toothpaste 80ml (two months)

- Ordo Whitening & Sensitive Toothpaste 25ml (two weeks)

- Silicone Stand

- AAA Battery

Our Portable Toothbrush is covered by a free 1-year warranty. This expires 365 days after the date of purchase on the receipt of the order. Visit warranty for more information.

Orders can take up to 3 working days to arrive from date of order or subscription date, this excludes the day that the order was placed. All orders are shipped via Hermes.

25,000 Sonic Pulses

Travel Friendly Design

2 Minute Timer

Dentist Approved

Stain Removal

Fresh Breath

Brush & Paste Stand

Perfect Power

Enough power to get rid of plaque, not so much it damages gums. Sonic pulse technology - 25,000 brush strokes per minute.

Gentle on Your Gums

Dental experts recommend having a softer brush to prevent damage to teeth and gums. Our brushes are designed with this in mind, but we have a firm option just incase.

Brush for the Right Time

The average person only brushes for 90 seconds vs the recommended 2 minutes. Our 2 minute time keeps you on track with pulses every 30 seconds.

Whiten Your Teeth

Strengthen and repair your tooth enamel. Sensitive, whitening toothpaste that protects your teeth and leaves a fresh taste in your mouth.

How Our Subscription Works

Buy your Ordo brush today and subscribe to our recommended refill service. We will send you all your oral care products straight to your door when you need it for just £15. We look after you, so you can look after your smile. Simple!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob H.
Love my new Ordo brush

Amazing product i used to use a manual and never ever replaced it. Had no idea how much difference a new brush head every two months would make to my smile. Can safely say this is a definite improvement from my old routine. Would highly recommend. Also great customer service.

Caroline W.
Cool design & 2-minute timer

Honestly, I really like it. The design is great - I love the rose gold colour and the pink silicon stand it comes with. It doesn't just make a sound, it vibrates, which is somewhat better than just using a standard toothbrush. It has a timer, too, so you can brush for the full recommend 2 minutes.

Luke D.
A Great Electric Toothbrush

Been using this for a few months now and have to say I absolutely love it! Very easy for me to take with me when I'm travelling and I feel the vibrations give be an extra boost with my brushing compared to my old manual brush. The refills I get are great too.