Ordo Subscription Pack

plus £10 every two months for your refill plan
  • Aluminium electric toothbrush
  • Travel cap
  • 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-month supply)
  • 25ml travel toothpaste (two-week supply)
  • Portable silicon stand
  • AAA battery
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Ordo Subscription Pack


  • Aluminium electric toothbrush
  • Travel cap
  • 80ml toothpaste (two-months)
  • 25ml travel toothpaste (two-weeks)
  • Portable silicon stand 
  • AAA battery
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Perfect Power

Enough power to get rid of plaque, not so much it damages gums. Sonic pulse technology - 25,000 brush strokes per minute.

Gentle on Your Gums

Dental experts recommend having a softer brush to prevent damage to teeth and gums. Our brushes are designed with this in mind.

Brush for the Right Time

The average person only brushes for 90 seconds vs the recommended 2 minutes. Our 2 minute time keeps you on track with pulses every 30 seconds.

Take it Anywhere

Fully portable and sleek in design, this toothbrush won't tie you down with charging cables and a bulky device.

Whiten Your Teeth

Strengthen and repair your tooth enamel. Sensitive, whitening toothpaste that protects your teeth and leaves a fresh taste in your mouth.

Ordo Refill Plan

- Ordo brush head
- Travel cap
- AAA battery
- 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste
- 25ml whitening & sensitive travel toothpaste

Delivered every 2 months, for £10
You can cancel or modify your plan anytime