Ordo Sonic Essentials Refill

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Ordo Sonic Essentials Refill
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Carefully curated to give you all the essentials for perfect oral health. 

Buy as a one off purchase or start a subscription to ensure you never run out of our essential oral care products.

  • Sonic Brush Head
  • Toothpaste 80ml 
  • Toothpaste 25ml 
  • To your door
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to Your Door

Our subscription service ensures that your oral care routine is always on track.

We keep your supplies replenished, ensuring your brush is always equipped with fresh bristles and your toothpaste is ready-to-go.

Essential Refill Plan

Great Benefits

New Sonic+ Brush Head
Travel Friendly
Better Value
Sensitive Formula Toothpaste


We include a travel-sized toothpaste in your refill pack, perfect for maintaining your routine wherever you are.

Brush head

Individually rounded bristles and silicone-polishing element ensure gentle yet effective cleaning.

oral care

Never run out of toothpaste again with Ordo's Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan - includes 80ml and 25ml toothpaste.

Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan FAQ

The Ordo Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan includes a Sonic+ Brush Head, toothpaste in two sizes, one being a full-size 80ml for home use and the other a smaller 25ml tube which is ready for travel.

The delivery schedule for the Ordo Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan can be tailored to meet individual needs, meaning you decide how often you receive your refill subscription.

Subscribing to the Ordo Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan allows customers to maintain optimal oral hygiene without the worry of running out of supplies. The plan ensures fresh bristles on your brush and keeps your toothpaste stocked. It eliminates the need to remember to replace your brush head or buy new toothpaste, as these necessities are delivered directly to your doorstep.

Yes, the Ordo Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan is available both as a one-off purchase and as a subscription to ensure you never run out of your essential oral care products.

Yes, a travel-sized toothpaste is included in the refill pack, making the products from the Ordo Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan suitable for use while on the go.

Our products, including those in the Sonic+ Essentials Refill Plan, are created in collaboration with dentists. This ensures that their products perform at a clinical level, making them suitable for recommendation by any dental professional.