We’ve worked with the most meticulous product designers and proven manufacturers to create our revolutionary brush and pastes. Through relentless workshops, countless designs and rigorous testing – the Ordo range was born.

Ordo toothbrush

Fresh thinking

Did you know most people don’t replace their toothbrush heads for 9 months, on average?

We want to solve this habitual headache (and bad habit!) that’s why we started Ordo - to offer convenience in an area of everyday necessity. No gimmicks, simply great oral hygiene that's both convenient and cost effective. That’s it.

Oral experts

A trip to the dentist can be dreaded for some, but we want you to be confident in your smile. With Ordo, you’ll be better informed and connected. Our team of professionals will share their top tips, passion, support and expertise with you. 

Keep it fresh.

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Simple but stylish

At Ordo we offer 2 electric toothbrushes, the battery powered portable brush with 25,000 sonic pulses per minute and no fuss, no frills - just the fundamental features. We also have the Sonic+ brush with 4 brush modes, an in-built lithium-ion battery and 40,000 sonic pulses per minute to offer a superior clean at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Ordo anywhere

The best thing about the Ordo electric toothbrushes are their portability. Both brushes come with a travel cap to protect the brush head, and the built-in battery in the Sonic+ means it can last 3 weeks + between charges. The Portable brush being battery-operated, means there are no messy cables or charging ports. It’s 100% transportable making it super handy if you’re on the go…at the gym, at work, on holiday or on a business trip.


See for yourself. Try our starter pack today

Our starter pack contains:

- Aluminium electric brush

- Travel cap

- 80ml toothpaste (2-month supply)

- 25ml travel toothpaste (2-week supply)

- Portable silicon stand

- AAA battery

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