Ordo Electric Toothbrush – How It’s Made? See How We Do It.

We might be the freshest oral care brand on the market, but how do we make our portable brushes. Come on, delve into the detail with us. 


Ordo electric brushes are made out of anodised aluminium. We chose this material because of the many benefits that come with it:

  • It’s strong
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s even more resistant to corrosion through anodising process
  • It's endlessly recyclable and more eco friendly
  • It looks and feels amazing! 

After forming the handle, our super smart computers scans each brush to ensure there aren’t any flaws or errors and you will have a maximum comfort holding it.


Nearby, all the other elements are made with the injection moulding. The components are then sealed inside with a plastic cap that forms the base of the brush handle, this makes the toothbrush water tight.


We’re proud to use DuPont bristles – the world’s leading bristle manufacturer based in the Netherlands. To ensure the best quality possible, our bristles go through the following process – after all it's one of the most important parts of the brush 😉


After being inserted into the core and fastened, the bristles can still be quite rough. They need to be cut and shaped to our specification, so a computer guided machine slices the bristles to the correct length and shape.

Then, the bristles are rounded to provide a smooth finish that cleans effectively but is still soft on the teeth and gums. This part of the process is crucial, if the bristles weren’t rounded then they would damage your teeth and gums.


Finally, all the components are assembled with extreme care and precision. Did you know that our toothbrushes are made from more than 500 individual elements?


We test our toothbrushes for humidity, waterproofing, stability and sound levels. We run all of these tests, so we are 100% sure that you receive the highest-quality product and achieve the best brushing experience.

All of these processes are carried out in ‘clean rooms’, areas where no dust, debris or germs can contaminate our products.