How To Keep Entertained While Brushing. (Yes, It’s Possible!)

OK, so by now you all know the optimum time for brushing is 2 minutes. It’s really not as bad or as long as it sounds, but we appreciate it can feel like a lifetime when you need to get on with your day, or finish it and get some shut eye.

Short is sweet, so to save you from boredom we came up with a list how you can spend those two minutes more effectively, upgrade your routine and make it more enjoyable. If you like to lie in bed just like us, multitasking will also get you an extra 5 minutes of sleep.


If you’re the type of person who is always saying ‘I don’t have time for the gym’, well, there’s no room for any more excuses. Two minutes is perfect timing to hit out a few exercises. We’re talking squats, steps, lunges and sit ups. Four exercises, four quadrants…you do the maths.


Use those precious two minutes to get ahead of yourself and pick out your outfit for the day. Who knows, you might even leave on time this time!


That is if you’re a brushing before breakfast type of person, but there are certain things you can do while you’re brushing, like boil the kettle, scramble or boil some eggs, pack your lunch…


This is a great time to catch up on your emails and messages. If you can type with one hand, we’re impressed! If it isn’t one of your skills though, check the news or check out some 2-minute blog reads.