Mother's Day at Ordo

Mother’s Day is a special occasion celebrated around the world to honour and appreciate maternal figures for their unconditional love and selfless sacrifices. It’s a day to express our gratitude and admiration for the mothers who have shaped us into the people we are today.

Mother’s Day in the UK originated with the 16th century custom of ‘Mothering Sunday’, which fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was traditionally a day for servants to return home and visit their mothers, since they wouldn’t get to see them during the rest of the year.

What does ‘mum’ mean to you? We understand that it might not be the same for everyone, and that’s okay. For some, this day can come with heartache. Allow yourself to do whatever you feel is right; if you want to ignore the day altogether, there’s nothing wrong with that. Similarly, if you want to honour the occasion by celebrating a non-traditional maternal figure, that’s also completely valid.

For most of us, our mums are our first teachers, our first best friends and our biggest supporters. They dedicate their lives to us and do everything they can to ensure our happiness and success. That’s why this Mother’s Day at Ordo, we are showing our mums just how much we appreciate them by sharing cherished memories through photos, because a picture speaks a thousand words.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and share some photos of the Ordo team and the mum’s they’re celebrating today. Happy Mother’s Day to All!

Mother’s Day allows us to celebrate the beautiful bond between a mother and her children. Whether it’s through a simple gesture or a meaningful conversation, let us take the time to show our mothers how much they mean to us, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.