Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Selected by Us

Your mother’s the most important woman in your life.  She probably always claims that she doesn’t want or need anything, just like all mums do but we think we have the perfect present to put the biggest smile on her face this Mother’s Day.

A gift for life, not just for the Mother’s Day – the Ordo Starter Pack

Love seeing your mum smile? Then why not offer her a beautiful, white smile every day? Sign her up for our Starter Pack and you’ll save her all the effort of shopping for oral hygiene products.

If she’s already using an electric toothbrush, then she knows the benefits of it over a manual. But a brand-spanking new one with the convenience of our 2-monthly refills with new heads and pastes, straight through her letterbox, will no doubt be appreciated.

If she’s still a manual toothbrush user, you’ll do best explaining to her the benefits of using an electric toothbrush (link to other post here) and then taking care of her oral care. Seems only fair – she’s always looked after your teeth growing up.

If you’re still undecided though, fear not, because we’ve put together a short, handy list of other Mother’s Day gift ideas:


Pretty petals may be a cliché but for a good reason.

Bath toiletries  

Because mum deserves some chill-mum time too, even if she won’t admit it.


Raise a glass (or bottle) to the most important woman in your life.

Afternoon Tea

Queen Victoria was on the ball when she and her courtiers invented this meal time. We’re big fans of making it at home too.


The safe bet – all mums love a piece of jewellery.