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Your Ultimate List of Travel Essentials by Ordo

Summer time = travel time. Knowing your travel essentials is key, so you can worry less and smile more. Check out our list curated by Ordo Toothbrush Fairies.

Waterproof backpack

Just “a” backpack is not enough, trust us. Even the one with extra cover won’t help you much when you’re soaking in a tropical storm. Here at Ordo we all agree – it’s better to pay a little extra rather than being stuck in your room with stinky clothes. You never know how the rainy season will treat you.

First aid kit

Plasters, bandages, paracetamol, anti-histamines, rehydration sachets – just to name a few. You should always tailor your first aid kit to your destination, but since you’ve asked… diarrhea relief. That’s the one. Don’t skip it, you’ll need it!

Power Bank

Power Bank is a must. You’ll find it useful not only on the go, but if anything happens and you don’t have access to electricity, it might be a life-saver. Literally.

This one comes highly recommended by Ordo – our Social Media Manager has been stuck in Cuba during the hurricane without electricity and hot water for 5 days.

Power bank, amen!


That’s the one we will definitely keep in mind for any future trips! Security is usually a key concern for travellers, especially if you are working remotely. Get yourself a combination padlock and you will definitely feel more relaxed on your travels.  


Anything can happen: a blackout, you might get stuck somewhere outdoors, far from the civilization or in the galaxy far, far away. This is when even the tiniest torch comes handy and you’ll avoid wandering around in the dark.

 Fanny pack

Again, something highly recommended by our team. Drop big backpacks, rucksacks and bags… You can keep it around your waist or comfortably wear it around your chest. It’s safer for your travel money, phone and keys too. Oh, and your Ordo brush and travel paste.

Ordo brush and toothpaste

Yes, we know, adding our own products must come as a surprise but hey, we mean it! Here are 3 reasons why the Ordo brush and toothpaste  really should be your travel essentials:

  1. Ordo brush is battery powered, so you can take it anywhere – forget about chunky chargers. Forget about cursing the fact that you need ANOTHER travel adopter for your electric toothbrush and yet, you don’t have it. Again. Obviously.
  2. It comes with a travel cap – never worry again how to store your toothbrush or about buying manual ones and special cases. Just Ordo. Ordo(er) now.
  3. Our toothpaste comes in a travel size, so you don’t have to go shopping for travel size cosmetic anymore. The big 80 ml one will be waiting for you on your bathroom sink, missing and envying its comrades.