New Brush Head

Brighter Smiles

Dentist Approved

Oral Care Delivered

Refilled On Time

We will deliver your Ordo refill pack directly through your door, when you need it. We look after you, so you can look after your smile. Simple!

Fresh Brush, Fresh Breath

The most important part of your refill - the brush head. We send you a fresh brush head in every refill, so no more worn out bristles, just great oral care.

Specially Formulated

All our products are specially formulated by dentists to provide optimum cleaning, every recommended refill contains a 80ml & 25ml toothpaste as well as a sachet of mouthwash concentrate.

Interdental Cleaning

Interdental cleaning is pivotal for maintaining great oral hygiene. We provide all you need to keep the in betweens of your teeth clean.

Dentist Approved & Recommended

All our products are approved and recommend by dentists and oral care professionals. Oral hygiene comes from a good oral care routine not just great products, ensuring you use the correct products and replace them on time is imperative.