Ordo Sonic+ Charging Travel Case - Charcoal Grey

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Ordo Sonic+ Charging Travel Case - Charcoal Grey
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At home or on the move, experience the perfect balance of convenience, style, and superior oral hygiene with our Sonic+ Charging Travel Case.

Note that the charging case must be plugged in whilst charging.

  • Secure & clean
  • Hygienic
  • Mag-lock closure
  • Charging window
  • 8 hour full charge
  • USB charging


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Protect your Sonic+ Brush When Travelling


Ordo’s Sonic+ travel case allows you to check the charging status of your brush at a glance.

Simply plug the case in via USB and your Sonic+ toothbrush will be fully charged in 8 hours.

& clean

Protects your brush whilst also keeping it hygienic.


Strong magnetic closure ensures your brush is safe whilst you travel.

One Travel Case

Endless Benefits

Charge as You Travel
Sonic+ Compatibility
USB C Charging
Compact Design
Secure Magnetic Closure
Travel Friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Misleading website info about travel case

The website FAQs state 'The travel case has an LED indicator that shows the charging status. When it's fully charged, the indicator light will change colour.' Also 'What type of power source is needed to charge the travel case? The travel case requires a standard USB power source to charge.' The travel case cannot be charged, it doesn't include a battery. The LED indicator is on the toothbrush, not the case. This information is incorrect & needs updating. Nice product otherwise.

Christopher Barrow
Excellent carry case

Very pleased - it’s a good fit and compact.

Tom Holden
Case doesn't actually hold charge...

So I thought the case actually held charge and you charge the case up and it had some kind of battery inside it so you don't have to take your charger away with you. But in fact the case just has a USB-C socket on it and you charge your toothbrush through the case. Item is still good quality but disappointed with the price considering it doesn't hold charge, it's just a case with a USB-C socket, but it is a very nice well built case.

Tom Goddard
Good but misleading

I am a big fan of the ordo toothbrush and one of the main things holding it back was travelling and the travel case does resolve this issue however I assumed it would act as a portable charger kind of case instead of a glorified adapter for the traditional charger, if I knew this before it may have made me think twice before buying. Nevertheless, I still like the product and would recommend the Ordo range to my friends.

John Mcintosh
Ordo sonic charging case

Does what it’s says it should . Not travelled with it yet but looks sturdy enough to keep your brush safe ☺️👍☺️

Sonic+ Travel Case FAQs

The travel case charges your Sonic+ toothbrush through a built-in charging dock.

Simply place your toothbrush in the designated area and connect the case to a power source.

The travel case has a window through which the toothbrush's charging status light can be seen. When the toothbrush is charging the indicator light will be red; when it's fully charged, the indicator light will turn off.

The travel case does not contain its own battery, so needs to be connected to a power source to charge your toothbrush. You can use the provided USB cable to connect the travel case to a USB adapter, computer, or power bank. It's important that you check that the output rating of the power source is suitable for the input rating of the travel case.

The travel case is made from durable, high-quality materials designed to withstand frequent travel. Its robust construction provides protection against common travel mishaps.

Yes, the travel case is designed to protect your Sonic+ toothbrush from both water and dust. This makes it an excellent choice for travel, camping, and use in other demanding environments.

Yes, you can purchase the travel case separately. It's designed to be compatible with our Sonic+ toothbrush.

Absolutely! The design of the travel case is both sleek and compact, making it convenient for packing in any bag or luggage. It's a perfect travel companion for maintaining your oral health on the go.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment, the packaging of the Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush can be fully recycled, reducing waste and contributing to a healthier planet.

The Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush is designed to improve both gum health and stain removal. Its sonic pulse technology provides deep cleaning, including between the teeth, promoting healthier gums. Moreover, its brush head features a silicone-polishing element for a gentle polish, helping to remove stains for a whiter smile.