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Ordo Portable Brush Head

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Ordo Portable Brush Head
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This product is only compatible with our Portable Toothbrushes.

Carefully designed to provide optimum clean for all mouth types, using individually rounded bristles cut to cup and gently clean each tooth. 

Available in 2 bristle types

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The Ordo Portable Brush Head's advanced design, featuring individually rounded bristles, ensures each tooth is cupped and gently cleaned, enhancing oral hygiene.

Delivers an
optimum clean

The Ordo Brush Head provides an optimal clean, ensuring comprehensive coverage with its unique design


Featuring high-quality DuPont Tynex Bristles, the brush head offers a gentle yet effective clean


With a simple click push-fit system, changing brush heads becomes an effortless task.

One Brush Head

Many Benefits

Easy Replacement
DuPont bristles
Prevents gum disease
Gentle cleaning
Dental recommendation

Portable Brush Head FAQ

Yes, all you need to do is use the code “UPGRADE” at the checkout to get 30% off.

Please note the code only works when logged into an account that has previously purchased the portable brush, the code is also restricted to one use per account.

If you have any issues or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at hello@ordolife.com.

Portable Brush Head is only compatible with Ordo Portable Toothbrushes.

Therefore, it might not fit or function correctly with other brush handles in the range.

The Sonic+ Toothbrush has 4 bespoke brushing modes. These include; Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive.

Frequently Asked Answer

Removable brush heads, in general, allow for easy replacement when the bristles become worn out, without needing to dispose of the entire toothbrush.

They also allow for customization. Since this product comes in two bristle types, you could potentially choose the one that suits your oral care needs best.

Removable brush heads are often more economical and environmentally friendly than replacing whole toothbrushes.

The Portable Brush Head is designed for optimum cleaning, with individually rounded bristles cut to cup and gently clean each tooth.

This provides a more thorough clean than some standard toothbrush heads.

Frequently Asked Answer

Frequently Asked Answer

Frequently Asked Answer

Frequently Asked Answer