Thousands of People Are Switching To Ordo. Find Out Why...

Considering an upgrade to electric? See why you should ditch your old manual brush and why you should choose Ordo...

1. Removes waaaaaaay more plaque than a manual brush

That's one thing that all dentists agree on - upgrade to electric! There’s no doubt about it – an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual will ever be. Why? Because of the higher number of strokes per minute – the Ordo brush has 25,000 super quick vibrations per minute.

2. It cleans better with the extra cleaning action

Another great advantage of a sonic brush is that it cleans teeth via two different methods. Beyond just conventional tooth scrubbing, it also creates a secondary cleansing action that helps to disrupt dental plaque beyond where the tips of its bristles actually touch. Pretty amazing, huh?

3. It's great for travel!

No bulky toothbrush or charger. Finally an electric toothbrush you can easily travel with. Ordo is so slim and lightweight - you can take it with you anywhere, plus it comes with a travel cap to protect the bristles. That not only makes it great for travel, but for taking it with you to the office or gym for example.

4. It looks great!

Some people even say that it's the 'most attractive toothbrush they've ever seen' (true story)! Simplicity is key, we don’t believe in over engineering. No fuss, no frills - just the core features of the perfect toothbrush, 25,000 strokes per minute (to be exact), and stylishly finished.

5. Fits in your hand perfectly

An electric toothbrush that's the same size as manual toothbrush? Trust us, we're just amazed. How's that possible? Because our brush has only the features that dentists really recommend, like a 2-minute timer. It's also made from anodised aluminium, which definietly puts it on the top of the brushing game.

6. It's easy on gums. Goodbye brushing too hard!

Dental experts recommend having a softer brush to prevent damage to teeth and gums. Our brushes are designed with this in mind, so whether you prefer softer bristles or slightly harder, you can't go wrong with Ordo. Sonic toothbrushes have been even shown in studies to be gentler on dentin than manual or rotating-oscillating ones.

7. No more mess in your bathroom - you get a silicon holder for your brush and toothpaste

This toothbrush won't tie you down with charging cables. It comes with a pretty sleek colur-matching silicon stand for your brush and toothpaste, so whether you put it on your sink or on your shelf, you can display it proudly. And since our brush is battery-powered, there's no need for ugly and tangling charging stands.

8. Refills delivered straight to your door

If you're like most people, then you are probably guilty of not replacing your brush head as often as you should. On average we only change our brush heads every 9 months, yuck! With Ordo you get all your dental essentials delivered on schedule and right at your door. Oh, and delivery is always free.

9. Small brush head to reach the back of your mouth

Our brush head has been designed to enable you to easily clean all surfaces of your teeth. Move it slowly tooth by tooth and you'll be sure that you have covered it all, without skipping anywhere!

Not forgetting all that non-contact brushing with the fluids that we have mentioned above, obviously. Sonic toothbrushes are more special, we told you so.