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Ordo Sonic Brush Head Mint Green | Sage

Mint Green
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Mint Green

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Ordo Sonic Brush Head Mint Green | Sage
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The Ordo Sonic Brush Head in Mint Green | Sage is meticulously designed for an optimal clean, suitable for all mouth types.

Compatible with our Sonic+ Mint Green Toothbrush and Sonic Lite Sage Toothbrush.

Its high-quality bristles, silicone polishing element, and easy-to-fit design ensure an effective yet gentle cleaning experience.

  • High-quality bristles
  • Slim design
  • Silicone polishing element
  • Easy replacement
  • Comprehensive clean
  • Massages gums
  • Durable design
  • Cleans between teeth
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Brush head recycling scheme
Compatible with sonic+ and sonic lite

Rounded Bristles

The Sonic+ Brush Head features individually rounded bristles crafted to clean each tooth gently yet effectively.

Best Value
"A nicely profiled brush head that covers all the quadrants, including the molars at the back."

Silicone polishing

Integrated into the brush head is a silicone-polishing component, working to gently whiten your teeth.


Our slimline brush head offers a simple click push-fit design, making the replacement process hassle-free.

Cleans between

The slim head and distinct bristle heights help the brush head to clean effectively between teeth.

Ordo Brush Heads

Endless Benefits

Tough on plaque gentle on gums
Silicone polishing element
Clean deep between teeth
Superior plaque removal
Gentle on Gums
Keep Germs at Bay
Slim Profile Head
Recycling Scheme

Brush Head FAQs

The Ordo Sonic Brush Head comes with a unique set of features. Firstly, it has individually rounded bristles that are carefully designed to gently yet effectively clean each tooth.

Secondly, it is equipped with a silicone polishing element for gentle teeth whitening.

Lastly, it incorporates a slimline design with an easy-change mechanism for hassle-free replacement.

The Sonic Brush Head utilises high quality Tynex bristles, which are made using Nylon 612.

The silicone polishing element is integrated into the brush head. As you brush your teeth, it helps to gently polish and whiten your teeth, giving you a brighter smile.

Our Sonic Brush Heads are compatible with our Sonic+ toothbrushes and our Sonic Lite toothbrushes. No confusing head types here, we keep it simple, easy and less expensive than other brands

Replacing the Sonic Brush Head on your Ordo toothbrush is a breeze. It's all thanks to the simple click push-fit design. Just pull to remove the old brush head, and click to attach the new one.

With the comprehensive cleaning provided by the Sonic Brush Head, you can expect a number of benefits.

It helps ensure optimal oral hygiene by effectively cleaning each tooth and reaching hard-to-access areas.

Additionally, its silicone polishing component works to gently whiten your teeth.

The Sonic Brush Head is designed to provide thorough cleaning which contributes to overall oral health, including gums.

The rounded bristles gently clean each tooth and which helps in maintaining healthy gums.

The Sonic Brush Head is designed with slimness and distinct bristle heights in mind.

These features allow the brush head to navigate and effectively clean between your teeth, providing a comprehensive oral hygiene solution.

Ordo's Brush Head Recycling Scheme is an innovative initiative where used brush heads are collected for free from customers, then they're disassembled and their components are repurposed, either as art materials or as plastic sheets for the production of other products.

The Sonic Brush Head stands out from other brush heads available in the market due to its unique design and features.

The combination of individually rounded bristles, a silicone polishing element, and a slim, easy-change design ensure effective cleaning and whitening, making it superior to other brush heads.